Ethiopia Trip 2015

Last month I returned to Ethiopia again and revisited two of the places that I went to last year - Awash National Park and Debre Libanos.
At Debre Libanos I was hoping to get more, and better, shots of the Gelada monkeys and Verreaux's eagles that I saw last year. It's also good for a range of raptors and vultures - which is just as well, as the Verreaux's eagles were no longer there and the Geladas didn't make an appearance either. Fortunately, I was able to get good shots of Ruppell's and Bearded vultures and of various other bird species, including a couple of endemics.
At Awash I was aiming to get more nice shots of birds and mammals on the plains in the evening sunlight, surrounded by the tallish golden grasses. In particular, I wanted to get better shots of Soemerring's gazelle, which is endemic to the Horn of Africa; and also of Salt's dik dik, which is an amazingly cute small antelope as you can see from this image. You'll be able to see some of my best shots from this trip in a special gallery.
I booked this trip through a local tour company called Haimano Tours, and my guide was Measho Lagesse, who was also my guide last year. They provided a very good service at a very competitive price, and Measho is an experienced guide and knowledgeable about Ethiopia's birds and other wildlife.